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About Us – Welcome to Glints hand crafted jewellery designs & Gifts.

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Having  always loved to create and design projects, always sewing and trying new crafts. I now  use my time to make and design jewellery pieces, soya candles, natural handmade soaps and bath bombs.

My handmade soaps & bath products  are free of parabens & chemicals, natural oils like shea butter and coco butter are used.
Having been creating  and designing  Jewellery for the last 15 years I love working with silver and metals. Working with  silver, copper and gold which gives me much more scope with my designs making them more individual. I also like to use natural gem stones &  crystals for their wonderful healing properties.

The Ethos of my shop is to produce natural products which enhance our lives and ork together with nature. I have studied Reiki and Crystal healing which I incorporate into my pieces.  Our gemstones crystals are carefully selected and charged with positive energy when being used in a design.


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  1. Irene Matthews

    My husband has been unable to wear his 9ct gold wedding ring for a number of years as it is too small for him. We are celebrating our golden wedding anniversary in April and I had hoped to have it altered and “add” a small decorative item within its original design.

    We live locally and wondered if you were able to assist or perhaps advise me who might?

    Many thanks 🙏

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