Soya wax Scented travel candles


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Soya wax scented travel candles

Natural Soya travel tin candle, 100ml tin.

The travel tin has a lid which keeps your  soya candle clean and easy to transport.

There is a choice of  Lemon Grass/ Bergamot & Lime / Basil & Lime

Our candles are scented with a mixture of Fragrance oils and essential oils so are a more natural fragrance gentler and not over powereing..

Basil & Lime is vibrant and upligting frangance.

Bergamot & Lime is zesty and fresh a lovley frnagnce for the kitchen

Lemon Grass is a popular essential oil and has a lovely cheering and refreshing property, ideally suited for room fragrance. . Lemongrass essential oil is also wonderful for repelling fleas on our favourite pets.You can take it with you where ever you go enjoy!

I make all my candles in small batches to enhance the quality of each candle. These delicately perfumed soya c



Lemon Grass

lemongrass, basil lime, Bergamot Lime


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