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Making Soya wax travel tin candles.

A Step to step guide to making soya wax candles.

500g of eco soya wax, double sauce pan for melting, travel tins, wicks glue gun for sticking wicks in place.



1. Heat the water to simmering point. Add the pan of soya wax and melt on a low heat, stirring a little.

2. To prepare the container, make sure that it is very clean and dry and stick your metal base wick with a little glue to the center of glass or china. I use a little melted wax over a teaspoon to keep the wick in place.


3. To add your essential oils to the melted wax, stir in a few drops (no more than 5% of your volume of wax) and stir gently to distribute.


4. Once melted, pour into your prepared vintage glass container or china if preferred. Leave to cool for 24 hours before using, and snip wick to 1/4″.

Travel Soya wax Candle
Travel Soya wax Candle

Please note: Do not leave candles unattended when lit. You can re-use your glass /china container as soya wax is water based with a low burning temperature. It is very clean and eco-friendly too.

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