Silver wave bangle lovely simple silver hammered Bangle by Glints



A silver wave shaped bangle hammered thickness in sterling silver.

This Sterling silver bangle which has been creatively shaped gently hammered to texture lightly to form a wave effect, textured finish. The bangle has then been tumbled and hand finished to form a shining  finish.

This is a simple bangle that can be worn and enjoyed on its own or with other bangles. Ideal gift!

Lovely simple silver hammered Bangle.

Find the right size for you by making a fist and measuring across your knuckles (Index finger to little finger) it will give you the bangle diameter. Or measure the diameter of a bangle you already have that your happy with.

Hallmark at Goldsmith Hall London

size is 7cm diameter.

Hallmark at Goldsmith Hall London

All pieces come with a gift box /bag wrapped in tissue paper

textured wave bangle

wave bangle